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Imogen Hg-Johnson, a Qualified Integrative Psychotherapist, will give you some professional advice to help you move forward.

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Book A Complimentary Discovery Call

Imogen Hg-Johnson, a Qualified Integrative Psychotherapist, will give you some professional advice to help you move forward.

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Feeling Stressed, Anxious, Depressed
or Overwhelmed?

Do you find yourself tossing and turning or lying awake at night unable to get a good night’s sleep?

Are you preoccupied with worry, feeling anxious about aspects of your life (work, relationships, the future, money etc…)?

Do you feel depressed, maybe you break down emotionally or perhaps you’ve started to exhibit self-harming behaviours?

Have you been prescribed medication or do you use food, alcohol or recreational drugs to get away from your ‘feelings’?

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Feeling You’re ‘Not Good Enough’ at Work or in Your Career?

Are you a ‘workaholic’ or ‘perfectionist’ as you don’t want to be deemed as ‘not good enough’ to do your role?

Have you been discriminated against or bullied at work and feel angry about how you’ve been treated or unsupported?

Do you struggle with believing in yourself? Maybe you struggle to host a meeting or deliver a presentation where you’re listened to and valued?

Perhaps you’ve been prescribed medication or you rely on food, alcohol or recreational drugs as a way of stress relief?

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Experiencing Personal or Professional Relationship Problems?

Do you struggle to have positive relationships, where you’re not playing ‘mind games’, don’t feel jealous and don’t compare yourself to others?

Have you been on the receiving end of an affair, separation or divorce and your confidence and sense of ‘self’ is at an all time low?

Have you experienced psychological, physical or sexual control to the point where you are questioning your own point of reality?

Maybe you engage in multiple interactions with a variety of people to avoid experiencing a ‘real emotional connection’?

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Have You Been Exposed to or Experienced a Traumatic Event?

Were you exposed to parental substance or alcohol misuse and the stress, distress and anxiety that accompanies living with such volatile situations?

Are you struggling with eating disorders which may have started due the psychological, physical or sexual harm you have endured?

Have you been involved in an assault, a car accident or a fight, which has resulted in flashbacks, nightmares or insomnia?

Maybe you now use mind altering substances, to try and suppress the emotions or flashbacks you have as a result of the abuse you experienced?

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Real Life


Jake’s Story: Relationship Problems.

Jake booked in for a series of Lancashire counselling sessions to initially overcome his frustrations around obtaining a stable relationship and feelings of constantly being rejected.

As a member of staff within the NHS in his mid 20’s he described how he had also been battling with feeling’s of low self worth and unworthiness within his career; which had resulted in his work contract being terminated within his previous place of work.

Jake reflected on how he was struggling within his current relationship where his partner would repeatedly reject him. This resulted in Jake constantly feeling vulnerable and unworthy. Jake further stated that he felt it was only himself putting any effort into the relationship and that his feelings were not taken into consideration or held safely.

Jake openly expressed feeling humiliated, and not really ‘wanted’ by his partner but yet he struggled to stop himself from becoming embroiled in the aphrodisiac and psychological game of ‘rejection’.

As we explored aspects of Jake’s current functioning; he reflected on feeling vulnerable within his family dynamics where he seeks the approval of his family members, work colleagues, friends and in turn his partner to the detriment of his own emotional wellbeing. This often resulted in his boundaries being blurred and him often feeling let down and unsupported despite the loyalty; he felt he honoured all his relationships with.

Through a process of ‘float’ back within ‘life story’ work; Jake realised that most of his current core beliefs were a result of unresolved ‘trauma’s from the past linking to the’ disorganised attachments style’ he had experienced with his Parents. In particular, his father who had abandoned him when he was young in addition to his experience of being parented by his Mother; Where generational beliefs and values ‘silenced’ his inner child’s voice.

Through a journey of reprocessing Jake’s negative core beliefs’; he has since ended the ‘toxic’ relationship with his ex partner and is once again enjoying life as a ‘single’ man, dating. He has also started a new role as a full time nurse within the NHS. Jake feels he is able to put in place boundaries around himself, relationships and work colleagues without compromising his own ‘self worth’.

Andrew’s Story: Disorganised Attachment/Trauma

Here’s Andrew’s story which beautifully exemplifies the power of EMDR therapy in the reprocessing of trauma material and the workings of the two hemispheres of the brain.

Andrew began working with me as he had started to ‘disassociate’ from his family life and relationships. Andrew shared he had also been struggling with an ‘addiction’ to cocaine.

Andrew reflected on feelings of not being in control of aspects of his life. He stated, for years he had struggled with feeling unworthy and being drawn into situations with people in order to please them or make them ‘happy’. Andrew also stated, he had travelled a lot and was unsure how he would make a connection to his daughter on his return.

Through a process of ‘Life Story’ work, Andrew identified from a young age he had strived to appease his father. A Father who had been vulnerable emotionally and constantly needed Andrew to validate his emotions in order to feel worthwhile as a ‘person and as a parent’.

Within ‘reprocessing’ Andrew identified his negative core beliefs of ‘unworthiness’ and ‘powerlessness’ were rooted in the unresolved ‘parentification’ he experienced when being parented. Where he had been responsible for validating his parents’ emotions.

This resulted in him feeling constantly responsible in later life for making other people happy and fixing aspects of their lives. Where he would experience guilt and shame should he not succeed.

Andrew had learnt over the years to ‘disassociate’ from these painful emotions through ‘cocaine’ use and the delusion of being in-control. When in reality his conscious processing was completely out of control.

Andrew has since concluded ‘addiction’ isn’t really about substance misuse, sex or gambling, rather it’s about the ‘absence from himself’.

Andrew has since cultivated a loving relationship with his daughter. He has been able to assert boundaries around his interactions with his parents.

Andrew has an attitude of gratitude towards his finances. He has also since gone on to start a ‘new wholesome relationship’ where he is able to make ‘choices’ for himself.