About People of Worth

Imogen HG Johnson - Blackburn Counselling

Welcome! I’m Imogen Hg-Johnson. I am the founder of ‘People of Worth Counselling and Psychotherapy’. I am a highly experienced psychotherapist for individuals and am passionate about the efficacy of my work.

I empower and inspire individuals to stop secretly struggling, and to start living in alignment within themselves, ‘Feeling Free To Be Themselves’, so that they can start to reach their own potential. I work with a trusted methodology that removes all blind spots, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. Allowing my clients to make accurate decisions, smarter, so they maximise their own personal results in less time, feeling “free to be themselves” living the choices and life they were meant for! The exact approach used with each person, depends upon their unique set of circumstances; so, this is not a one size fits all process.

As an Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist trained to Masters Level; I utilise my extensive counselling skills set of Person Centred Practice, Life Story work, Gestalt Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy (CBT informed) Integral eye movements & Brian spotting, combined with Transactional Analysis (Penny Parks Inner Child Therapy).


‘My work is ethical, confidential and non judgemental’.

In short, this is your process, and it would be my pleasure to walk by your side.


I have a calm and active presence, I am attentive, challenging when needed, and practical where desired. I work intuitively, and change the way I work with every client. As a sports woman, musician (piano player) and with a sibling grounded in the Arts. I have a unique attunement with my clients, and an understanding of the workings of individuals within a professional, educational, performance and creative related industry. I work flexibly around clients personal, work related, educational and creative commitments. Sessions may take place in person, or via online video.

I am always willing to liaise with other professionals in your care, if that is your requirement. Some people find the use of diagnoses helpful, whereas others find it particularly unhelpful: I’ll work with clients whatever diagnosis means to them.

I have a passion for life, and an affinity with those individuals within a professional, rehabilitative, and creative field all striving to reach their full potential through a ‘transformational journey’.

What Experience Do You Have?

‘People of Worth’ was originally created as a course, as a result of my late Mother (an inspirational force) who had seen me overcome the complexities of living with the silent disability – dyslexia. She taught me to embrace this aspect of myself as a ‘gift’ rather than a hindrance and to value my ‘worth’.

I went on to deliver ‘People of Worth‘ for the WISH centre in Blackburn; my hometown in 2011. It was part of a probation court ordered process. From its success numerous inspirational and motivational courses have since been delivered to those vulnerable within the plight of the ‘underworld’.

My experience comes from working in four different therapy settings: the NHS GP Practice, the Criminal Justice System, public and private law, and private practice.

I have experience of working with people ‘diagnosed’ with emotional instability through a chemical imbalance (Bipolar Disorder), manifesting in borderline and antisocial personality styles (BPD/EUPD).

I have worked with clients who are emotionally over-controlled presenting with perfectionism. Who have personalities that are avoidant, ‘workaholic’, obsessive compulsive and paranoid (substance induced Psychosis). As well as those who are chronically depressed exhibiting self-harming behaviours; or who have eating disorders.

My expertise is in performance/self-sabotage, generalised anxiety, work-related stress and silent discrimination, depression, relationship problems, loneliness, trauma (PTSD), loss and identity issues.