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Imogen successfully completed her Master’s Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy in July 2016. Her extensive training has given her a clear knowledge and understanding of how to implement Psychodynamic Techniques: Person Centred Therapy, Life Story Journeys, Gestalt Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing –CBT Informed (for Acute and Chronic Trauma)  Combined with Transactional Analysis.

In Detail

Imogen is familiar with the techniques recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, those used within the Criminal Justice System, the NHS, Public- Private Law and in Education. Within her own private practice, she has gained particular expertise in dealing with the various intensities of addictive behaviours and mental health (anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation) issues that arise from drug abuse, domestic violence and both acute and chronic incidents of trauma resulting in maladaptive processing and behaviours.

Imogen is an advocator of Self-Help, Psycho Social Intervention, Emotion Focused Therapy and Neural Pathway Reprocessing, all of which she encompasses within her practice as an Adult and Adolescent Integrative Psychotherapist.

Imogen HG Johnson

Counselling V’s Psychotherapy

‘Psychotherapy’ and ‘Counselling’ are terms that are often used interchangeably. Some practitioners may choose to use both terms when referring to themselves. Although they are very similar (both practices share the goal of relieving psychological symptoms and enabling individuals to live more fulfilled lives), there are some subtle differences.

‘Counselling’ is described as a solution focused ‘outcome based’ intervention; whereas Psychotherapy is mostly focused upon behavioural patterns and often targets a particular symptom or problematic situation, with goals set collectively by the client and therapist in order for them to be achieved.

‘One of the fundamental differences between Counselling and Psychotherapy is that Psychotherapists are trained to formulate – to diagnose according to their approach to therapy. This is critical when dealing with issues that are deep-rooted and impacting on the patient/client’s relationship to self and others.

Clinical Psychotherapy

To clarify, Psychotherapy requires more skill from the practitioner than Counselling; with a more rigorous academic and clinical focus than counselling training. Whilst a Psychotherapist is qualified to provide counselling, a counsellor may not possess the necessary training and skills to provide clinical Psychotherapy. In their practice,Psychotherapists will often utilise a skill set from a variation of ‘modalities’ to create a formulation best suited to the clients bespoke journey.

Whether it is solution focused short term Counselling you require to overcome a specific mental health problem, relational issues, connection in relationships, work related stress, bereavement, loss or break down of a marriage at ‘People of Worth Psychotherapy’ a bespoke journey of therapeutic and inspiring support will be shared.

Alternatively, your journey might require the longevity of Psychotherapeutic support through a journey of exploration into childhood, adolescence and adulthood patterning, to create a formulation of therapeutic support so you can overcome the impact of chronic and acute trauma and all that may have resulted in. At ‘People of Worth Psychotherapy’ Imogen will provide you with the space in which you will feel held, supported, able to self – explore and evolve.

In short, this is your process, and it would be my pleasure to walk by your side…

According to the BACP (2010),Counselling and Psychotherapy are two practices that are closely related in so far as both fall under the category of ‘Talking Therapies’.They are delivered by trained practitioners who work with people over a short- or long-term process to help them bring about effective change.

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